What to Know: Feeding Your Cat

2014/03/07 by Lynn

Your cat is a very important part of your family, so you want to make sure that you are always taking good care of them. How you choose to feed your cat can greatly influence their health and happiness. If you know some things about feeding your cat, you can make better decisions for them. It can also help to know of useful tools that will help make feeding your cat easier, such as the cat food spatula in Hatfield, PA.

Useful Feeding Information

Most adult cats should be fed twice a day. How much you feed your cat does depend on their weight and size. However, you should keep more in mind than just that. If you have an active cat that enjoys playing and running around, they will need more food to provide the necessary energy. If your cat lays around the house and is less active, they will need less food as they are burning fewer calories. Getting this right requires paying attention to your cat’s activities and behavior. It may change over time, so you should always know what is happening with your cat and make an needed changes.

You should always provide clean, fresh water for your cat. A cat cannot drink too much water, and they need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plenty of water is vital to a healthy cat that looks and feels great. Clean the water bowl every day to avoid the growth of bacteria that could hurt your cat. You should also never give your cat milk. Though it is common on television, giving a cat milk can actually hurt them. They do not have the enzymes that it takes to break down the lactose in milk, so it can cause them to vomit or have diarrhea. 

Useful Feeding Products

Purchase a scrub brush just for cleaning your cat’s bowls. Rags will carry bacteria, so they are not a good choice. Keeping a brush around will make cleaning the bowl easier, so you will remember to do it regularly. If you have difficulty refilling your cat’s water bowl before it is empty, you can also get a water system that will constantly filter and refill the water bowl. You can comfortably know that your cat’s water is always clean and full. 

Cat food can be expensive, especially when you want to buy quality food for your cat. Getting all of the wet food out of the can is difficult, but you want to get the most out of the food you buy. A product like the cat food spatula in Hatfield, PA. This spatula is the right size and shape for cat food cans so you can get every bit of food out with just one or two scoops. It is easy to clean so the spatula will not smell or get bacteria growth over time.

Many styles of decorating and wood is one

2014/02/10 by Lynn

Palm trees, white sand beaches, fire dancers, and weird fish dishes that taste amazing might be a few of the things that you think about when someone throws out the term “exotic.” There is just something tantalizing in the word – a forbidden love, a hot night, a South American dance, all three of which could also describe the Lambada… If you are into home decorating, you may also think about the many beautiful exotic hardwoods that are available for various purposes. Choosing the right wood for the right job can make your home into a work art.

Frank Lloyd Wright

One of the things about living in a true work of art is that the designer probably designed everything in the home. From the shape of the outside to the furniture on the inside. Wright was an architect who did a lot of holistic planning for a person living space. He would even consider the area where the home was being built and create something that made sense in that space. This places a lot of pressure on the homeowner to live up to the resources that have been created for that specific home and for no other. While that is a crazy responsibility, for some people, it is exactly what they want.

Other people want something that is simpler. If you are choosing to remodel your home, you want to make it warm and inviting for the most part. There are also places in the home that you may want to make more of a statement with.

King Ludwig of Bavaria

No one is suggesting that you go all Ludwig on your home. He had his rooms designed by a theater set designer. Neuschwanstein is a masterpiece that Walt Disney copied in Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Room interiors that look like caverns are spectacular, but they can be a bit expensive to create. Chances are that you don’t who you would hire to do that kind of thing for you anyway.

You can, however, make a big splash just by learning about the different woods available. You can go rustic that way.

The Forbidden Dance

While the Lambada may be the forbidden dance, exotic hardwoods are something that you can really appreciate in your home. It will be like the good kind of art – the kind that makes you feel at home and glad to be someplace warm, cozy, and beautiful. If you choose well and do any traveling, that same wood could also remind you of many of the places that you have visited.

What to Look for in Great Eyeglasses

2014/02/05 by Lynn

If you need some assistance in seeing at a normal level, then you and eyeglasses in Fairfax, VA, are no strangers. Finding the right ones to invest in can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. This will be a little bit different for everyone because everyone is different. What you need to look for is the pair that is comfortable, works with your face, and seems somewhat durable. These three things will help you have a good experience with your new facial accessories.


If something looks amazing but feels like daggers poking into your head, then they are not worth purchasing. Despite what they say, beauty does not have to be pain, and the best eyeglasses in Fairfax, VA, for you will be ones that are comfortable to wear. As you are trying on all the pairs in the show room, take some time to think without the use of the mirrors. Look for the right feel for your head. They should feel comfortable and light. Ask about getting them adjusted just right for you, as this can make it even better for you.


There are different shapes of faces. Some are square, some are long, some are round, and some are a little bit of all of the above. No two heads are exactly alike. You need to find the pair of spectacles that will best suit your face. They should frame your eyes and accent your face in a very pleasing way if you have chosen correctly. Appearance isn’t everything, but it is sure nice to know that something you have to use to function normally is also working to make you look great at the same time.


Something like this that gets worn every day and is in constant danger of being knocked off, stepped on, sat on, or lost needs to have some sticking power to it. As you are looking for the best pair of eyeglasses in Fairfax, VA, make sure that you are taking durability into account. Most insurance plans will make you wait at least a year before allowing you to get a new pair. Find out how long your wait will be until a new set, and be sure that the set you pick will be able to last that long.

When Your Tree Has to Go

2014/01/02 by Lynn

Bishop's Tree Service, Inc.Trees can be a valuable asset to most properties. They provide shade, and they certainly add to the beauty of your landscaping. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary to remove a tree or two from your property. When that’s the case, you’re going to want to call an expert like Bishop’s Tree Service, Inc. After all, removing a tree is not easy to do, and you can potentially get hurt.

How Trees Can Become Hazardous

Generally, trees don’t harm anybody. In fact, they perform a lot of vital functions. In addition to providing the world with oxygen, they provide a home for many creatures, and you can even attach a swing or a hammock to a mature, sturdy tree in your yard. Nevertheless, it’s possible for a tree to become a hazard to you and your property. Read the rest of this entry »

The Worst Types of College Apartment Neighbors

2013/12/12 by Lynn

When you’re moving into WKU apartments, you’re going to have the opportunity to meet many new neighbors. Depending on the layout of your complex and which unit you end up in, you may have neighbors above and below you, as well as on either side. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with quiet neighbors that you forget are even there, but the chances are that you will come into contact with at least one problem neighbor that gets on your nerves. College apartment neighbors can be the worst in a number of ways.


If you have a neighbor who happens to be a musician, they can produce a lot of noise that can get on your nerves. Some instruments are quieter than others, so if you do get caught with a musician in your apartment complex, you better hope it’s somebody who plays a violin rather than a tuba or the drums. It’s hard to say anything to these neighbors about the noise because in many cases they are music students, and have to practice to ensure their success in school. Also, if your upstairs neighbors play one of those video games with the fake drum sets, you’re going to hear that bass pedal loud and clear.


Neighbors that cook a lot of very fragrant foods can also become a problem in a couple of ways. First, good smells can lead to jealousy. It can be frustrating choking down your third bowl of Ramen in a day when you can smell the sweet fragrance of fresh Italian cuisine. The other problem comes several hours after the delicious meal is cooked, when the sweet fragrance turns into a lingering stench of fish and eggs.

Night Owls and Early Birds

The third type of neighbor that nobody wants to have is the neighbor with an unusual sleep schedule. Most people are awake sometime between the hours of 7 AM and midnight, so when you have an early bird or a night owl who is up and making noises when you’re trying to sleep, things can get frustrating. When you’re trying to get in some extra sleep before a final, you don’t want the people above or below you walking around, running kitchen appliances, and slamming doors, but you don’t have a whole lot of say in the matter.

Nosy Nellies

Another type of neighbor that can cause frustration is the “nosy Nelly.” These are the type that like to poke in whenever they feel like it and try to force some sort of friendship with you. This is great if you’re looking for a new friend, but sometimes you just want your space and to be able to hang out in your apartment in peace.

The Best Neighbors

If you want to make sure you end up with the best neighbors in your WKU apartments, you’re going to have to become the best neighbor. Reach out to the neighbors around you and establish a relationship. Let them know that they can talk to you if they ever have a noise or smell problem. If you maintain these relationships, any problems can be sorted out through communicating, and everyone can live in peace.

Purchasing Bulk Soil for Your Landscaping Project

2013/09/11 by Lynn

Whether you’re hiring a landscape designer, or doing your landscaping yourself, you will need a variety of landscaping supplies. If these supplies include soil, you may need to look for a supplier of bulk soil in Oakland. They can offer you a variety of options and price ranges no matter your project.


Why Bulk Soil?

There are a variety of reasons you may want to purchase soil for your landscaping needs. No matter the project, good soil can add a lot to the overall look and quality of your finished project.

  • Bad soil. If you live in an area that has dry, or damaged soil, failing to purchase a quality top soil can result in a mediocre end result. Don’t spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars working on a project that will only look so so when you’re finished. Cut corners where you can, but the quality of your soil should not be one of them.
  • Save you money. As with many other purchases, buying in bulk saves you money. You can always buy bags of top soil, but if you need a large amount for your landscaping project, you can save a lot of money by choosing to buy in bulk from a landscaping supply company.
  • Calculate the amount. If you have a large project, especially if you’re doing it on your own, you may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of deciding how much soil you need to purchase. A landscaping supply company can help you determine how much you need with a simple phone call. They will have specific techniques they can tell you over the phone to help you calculate the amount you will need. You can also go in with measurements of your area and plans for your project, and they can help you determine exactly the right amount to purchase.


Do I Have to Pick It Up Myself?

If you have a large truck and would like to pick up your order yourself, many companies will accept personal pick ups. However, as most people are not equipped to make such pick ups, most landscaping supply companies will deliver the products straight to your door, or your landscaping project site. 

Many companies do not offer refunds or exchanges on soil or other supply products, so it is recommended that you go to their facility and personally visit with a representative before placing any order. Check out the options available, the quality of the soil, etc., and make sure it is right for your project. 


For more information or specific pricing or other options on bulk soil in Oakland, call or visit a landscaping supply company in your area.

Title Finding the Right Pawn Shop for Your Needs

2013/09/07 by Lynn


There are a variety of different ways that you can save and make money. Whether you like it or not, money is something that is central to life, and it is nearly impossible to live normally without this important item. The issue is that many people find it difficult to get the money that they need. The problem is that life is filled with a variety of different essential expenses, all of which can eat up all the money that you make. Because of this, it is important that you save and make money in every way possible. One way that you can do this is to use a pawn shop, such as the one found at www.ezcashcolumbus.com. Local pawn shops found in Columbus, Ohio not only offer used items that are affordable, but they also allow for people to sell their items, which can give them a way to make some extra money. While pawn shops can be extremely useful, it is important that you find a good pawn shop that you will be able to trust. Here is a quick look at some of the basics of finding the right pawn shop for your needs.

What You Need

When you begin your search for a pawn shop, you will want to make sure that you find a pawn shop that offers the items that you want and need. First, go around and look for a pawn shop that actually has the items that you want in stock. For example, if you are looking for a bike, you will want to find a pawn shop that has a good selection of bikes. This is also true if you are looking to sell specific items. The one thing that you will want to look for is the quality of the items. Thus, when going to a pawn shop, look at the quality of the different items that are offered, since this will usually indicate the quality of the items you are look for, as well as the amount of money that you can expect to receive for them items you are selling.


When you are looking for a pawn shop, such as the one found at www.ezcashcolumbus.com, you will want to make sure that you find a shop that you can trust. In order to do this, go online and search for reviews and ask others for help. This is important, since a trusted pawn shop will usually buy and sell items at prices that are fair and in ways that are legal.

Disasters You Can’t Handle on Your Own

2013/08/15 by Lynn

Some problems around the house are simple enough that anyone can fix them. A little glue here, a little paint there, and maybe a couple of nails over there, and that’s all there is to it. But some problems are more than you can handle. There are a variety of issues your home can face, many of which can ruin it and everything inside. Are you looking to keep your home in perfect condition? Make sure to use these services when the need arises.

Serious Problems, Serious Help

Leaks: Whether your kitchen sink is leaking a little bit each time you use it, or the main water line leading into your home has ruptured, a leak isn’t something to take lightly. Even a small leak can cause serious damage to your floor, walls, insulation, wiring, and furniture. A massive leak can cause flooding and damage all of your belongings.

You don’t need to worry about leaks being a major part of your life, however. If you know you have a leak but don’t know where it’s coming from or need to have one repaired, there are actually companies that can help you with residential leak detection in Houston. They can identify and fix leaks in your pool or repair your main water lines. Through thermal imaging and other advanced techniques, no matter where you have a leak, they can identify and fix it for you.

Fires: Fires are obviously problematic. Losing your home to a fire is one of the most devastating things you can go through. However, your home doesn’t need to burn to the ground for it to be severely damaged. If you have a small kitchen fire or electrical fire in your bathroom, you might think that, as long as you put it out quickly, there won’t be any damage. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Even a small fire can cause serious damage throughout your home. The heat from the flames (no matter how small) can damage your paint and drywall, and even ceiling. Perhaps more dangerous than the flames themselves is the smoke. Smoke can cause major issues throughout your entire home, even if the fire was confined to a small area. Without professional cleanup and restoration, the damage can spread and cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Mold: Mold is usually associated with leaks and floods, but can grow wildly in certain environments even if you haven’t had a serious water-related problem. Mold can cause major health problems for you and anyone living in your home (including pets). And getting rid of it isn’t as easy as spraying down the walls with cleaner. If you have, or suspect you have mold, call the experts immediately.

Any Problem

Some emergencies are better left to the professionals. Whether your pool is leaking and you need residential leak detection in Houston, or you want your home restored to proper condition after a fire, there are companies that can help you out. Life is full of problems. Luckily, getting the right help is only a phone call away.

Simple Garage Door Repair Techniques

2013/08/09 by Lynn

Repairing a garage door can be broken down into two parts. The first part involves the opening system and the second part is the actual door. While the systems and materials may differ slightly, the concept remains the same. For garage door repair in Phoenix you will need to either enlist the services of a professional company or have a basic knowledge of garage door systems.


You will know when your garage door opener starts to break down when you can no longer open the door with the push of a button. The first obvious step is to ensure that the system is still receiving power. Check to make sure the cord is still plugged in and intact without any frays or breaks. Also, check the battery in the remote to make sure that isn’t the problem. Next, check the sensor beam. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the sensors such as cobwebs and that they are aligned properly. The next step is slightly more involved and requires some knowledge of the systems. Check the gears or sprocket for wear and tear. This may happen if the opener seems to run properly but the door doesn’t actually open. To increase the closing force, you can increase the tension on the adjustment screws.


Doors can become warped and saggy over time. Older wooden models are especially susceptible to this. On the back of the door there are tension rods that are placed diagonally from the top corner to the bottom corner. These can be tightened at a turnbuckle and will straighten out the door. Be sure to tighten these a little at a time to allow the door to adjust. If your garage door no longer locks, it’s normally because the horizontal locking bars have shifted slightly over time and no longer fit into the locking slots. You can adjust these by unscrewing the guide brackets until they are loose enough to move and realigning them with the locking slots, then tightening them back up. If the problem is any more complicated than this, you should call in the professionals to deal with it. Unless you have experience, you could end up doing more harm than good. Garage door repair in Phoenix can be pretty simple, though you should always follow common sense and safety protocols when dealing with electricity and heavy equipment.

How to Install Natural Stone

2013/08/06 by Lynn

If you want to improve the landscape of your yard, or if you are interested in installing natural stone veneer inside of your home, you may want to read this short guide. If you have problems, be sure to call your local masonry company to help take care of them.

The first thing you’ll need to do if you’re going to do a natural or manufactured stone project, is to decide on what material you will be using. There are advantages to several different types, and you should know about them. Natural stone veneer, requires a better footing, and more preparation than some of the other choices. However it is the strongest, and in some ways, perhaps the most beautiful in comparison to other options. If you are interested in using natural stone, but do not have the ability to handle heavier weights and thicknesses, then you may want to consider using natural stone thin veneer as an alternative. Natural stone thin veneer is very popular, and brings you the authentic look and feel of natural stone, without all the weight, bulk, and hassle of full veneer. If you are hoping to save some money and installation time, you may want to consider manufactured stone veneer. While manufactured stone cannot truly compared to natural stone in beauty or variety, modern manufactured stone can still be beautiful. It is also cheaper to purchase, and cheaper to install due to the speed of installation.You may also want to consider using one of the many varieties of clay brick available for landscaping and veneer use.

If you are going to do a stone flooring, or a stone-lined bathtub or shower, you may want to use a very high-density stone such as quartzite. Quartzite is virtually unaffected by water, due to its extremely low absorption rate. This makes quartzite an exceptionally well-suited stone for flooring and outdoor applications alike.

If you are installing any kind of veneer, you need to make sure that the wall that you are installing it on can handle the weight of the veneer you choose. If you are unsure about the weight capacity of the wall you are installing against, contact your local stone supplier for information about weight limits. Once you are sure that you have a solid footing that will hold the veneer securely, you can begin your project.

If you are installing against other clean, unsealed brick walls with wall ties, you will not have to do much to prepare the wall. However, if you are installing against a wood surface, you should nail tarpaper, or other material to create a vapor barrier against the wall.

To install any type of stone, you will need a wheel borrow or other mixing box. Take a bag of mortar, and mix it until it is smooth, and free of lumps. It should be a consistency similar to the mashed potatoes you would have at Thanksgiving. You will also need a trowel to apply the mortar to the rock. Start by alternating the larger stones from one side to the other so that you have a clean, natural look. Use tie wire to tie heavy stones into the wall until the mortar cures. You can always clip them off carefully with a pair of dikes when you are finished. If you are using stone to finish off the foundation of a structure, be sure to use flashing, to keep the water out. For more information on how to deal with natural and cultured stone, contact your local masonry company today.